Solowords Printable Wall Art

Hola! My name is Eliana Cordoba. I am a Graphic Designer, always looking for new ideas to decorate and refresh my home and office. A few years ago, while I was looking for some wall decor for my little daughter, I started a company called I Love my Kids’ Art where I transform kids’ artwork into professional looking pieces of art. After a great success working with kids’ artwork, I came with another great idea for my teenager son’s bedroom. He is a soccer player and I wanted a soccer wall art that reflected his love for the sport, so I designed a modern soccer wall art canvas for him. That was the beginning of SoloWords.

I am always thinking about new ideas. I love to play with words, images, colors, fonts, abstract and geometrical art. I love simplicity and clean lines.

I spend a very good part of my days in front of my Mac doing what I love to do: Designing and playing with space and color. The other part of the day is for my family who has always been my greatest inspiration.

I really hope you enjoy my designs.